I've recieved several more questions about the KOFACOTO... here's
    some more info to answer everyone:
    There is no requirement for entry into the tournament other than
    submitting a warrior for at least 1 of the preliminary rounds.
    Once you've submitted a warrior, by emailing it to JKW,
    you're in.
    As for the points scored per round, the person earning the best
    winning score will recieve 1000 points in round 1.  Everyone
    else will recieve a score normalized to 1000, so if the best
    program got 500 pts against the white warrior, and you got
    400 pts against the white warrior, the best one receives 1000
    pts, and you receive 800.
    The number of pts for round 2 might change to be more or less than
    I haven't decided on the number of initial rounds.  As it says
    on www.koth.org/kofacoto I haven't decided on the exact number of
    rounds, but there will be 4 at the very least, I should think,
    possibly up to 8?  I'd like some feedback on that if people
    have preferences.
    You may submit as many warriors as you want to me.  Only the
    last one will be used.  I won't be running any simulations
    until after the deadline, this Sunday at midnight.
    ATTN: For your entries, please place your full name on the
    ";author" line of your warrior.
    Some people felt uneasy using someone else's uneditted warrior.
    I assure you there's nothing wrong with this.  If your submission
    is truly identical to a previously published warrior, it'd be nice if you
    put that in the comments of the warrior.  But for Round 2, I think it's
    highly unlikely people will be using previously published warriors.  I guess
    it's possible though, hehe.
    No one (including me) has mentioned anything about publishing warriors.
    I intend to post all the warriors that were submitted for Round 1 on
    www.koth.org/kofacoto ...  If anyone has objections let me know ASAP.