Please send entries to JKW with the subject line "KOFACOTO Round 2"
    for round 2 entries.
    Alright everyone, here's the rules for KOFACOTO Round 2:
    Round 1 was pretty straightforward... in round 2 I decided to come up with something
    a little less conventional...
    This will be a multiwarrior melee round.
    The warriors will be run in '88 rules under pmars with settings as follows:
    pmars -8 -s 8000 -c 80000 -p 8 -l 100 -d 100 -= (S<3)*(W*W-1)/S
    Note the process limit is 8, not 8000.
    And the scoring formula has changed.
    Assuming more than 8 entries are given to me, warriors will be run in groups of 8.
    Running all possible combinations of 8 may not be possible.  I just checked on my
    calculator, and 8 C 12 is already 495, heh, so I'll run a representative sample
    and avg scores.
    Highest score will again recieve 1000 pts, with others indexed to that score.
    Updates: Anyway, the pmars standard scoring system, which is what I will be using, awards roughly 63/S pts for each surviving warrior, where S is the number that survived. 80000 cycles / 8000 locations * 1/8c means an 8 process imp ring will travel around the core 1.25 times in the course of a match... This means imps and imp rings will not have a chance to survive any simple gates... but don't let that influence your warriors. :)
    Update: Ok Robert Macrae has expressed heartfelt despair over the scoring system for Round 2. He believes everyone will submit warriors of pure defense, that will prevent any spiffy offensive strategies. As I have not yet recieved any Round 2 submissions, I'm open to changing the score system to the following formula: (S<3)*(W*W-1)/S This will only register any points for rounds in which either 1 or 2 warriors survived. Rounds in which 3+ warriors survived will result in no points for anyone. pmars -8 -s 8000 -c 80000 -p 8 -l 100 -d 100 -= (S<3)*(W*W-1)/S Warriors will still be run in multiwarrior groups of 8. Round 2 entries are due Sunday the 22nd, midnight CST. I was asked if you can submit more than one warrior again... yes, but only the last one submitted will be run.