(Reminder to submit those Round 2 entries in!  I've got 11
so far... but with 24 hours or so left, I hope everyone
from Round 1 will get in a submission.)


Sorry for being a little bit late with the rules for
Round 3, but I wanted to get everything tested out before
saying anything.

This is a brand new type of tournament round, a spin-off of the
white warrior round.  This is a black warrior round.  You will
send warriors to koth.org, and get back results, but you will
never see the code of the warrior you're fighting.

I really think this is pretty cool.  In my mind, this is the
sort of stuff I've always enjoyed most about Core Wars in
general, and King of the Hill in particular... fighting the
invisible foe... stabbing blindly and hoping to sink your blade
right between the ribs... :->


Your opponent is Black Box.  The pmars settings are those of the
'94x hill.

pmars -s 55440 -c 500000 -p 10000 -l 200 -d 200 -r 250

I wrote Black Box from scratch... my corewars specialty has
always been warriors that don't give many points away to
their opponents, and this one is a doozy.  Heh, I'll be
very surprised if anyone gets a score of more than 140.

(If the scores for this round are all clumped together in the
110 range, I may normalize the lowest score to 500 pts or less.)

I went ahead and submitted it to the '94x Hill to give everyone
a starting frame of reference.  Check out this URL for scores:


Good luck!!


Submissions are due next Sunday, the 29th.  Submissions are to
be sent to JKW as usual.  (Subject: KOFACOTO Rnd 3)

Here's the twist though.  I've set up a special Hill just
for this round.  This is the Black Warrior's own test hill.
Send warriors to koth@koth.org with the redcode line of
";redcode-x2" and they will be run against Black Box.
You'll get results back as usual.  Since there's only 1
warrior allowed on this hill, your warriors will never
be run against anyone else's, so you wont be giving any
info away.  Also, no one will be able to see your score
against Black Box but you.

Save those results and make sure you know what warrior
you got a good score with.  Please be away I'm not going
to track scores... you'll have to submit whichever warrior
you think will do the best.  And also please note that
the warrior positions when I run your warrior will not
be the same as those on the Hill.  So don't even think
about trying to optimize your warrior for the Hill's -F
setting, you evil redcoders out there! >:-)


Here's an example of a warrior test I did.  Note there's
no need for a ;kill line...  Black Box can't be knocked
off the hill.  (I've given it a score of 500+, when the
max possible you could theoretically get would be 300.)

;name test
;author JKW
;assert (CORESIZE == 55440) && (MAXPROCESSES == 10000)

mov -1, <-1
jmp -1