- Current Corewars Hill Standings -

The Queue: A listing of Warriors awaiting battle on the various hills

ICWS '88 Standard Hill (The original online hill.) Warrior List Huge Array
ICWS '94 Standard Hill Warrior List Huge Array
ICWS '94 NOP Hill (Disallows use of pspace.) Warrior List Huge Array
ICWS '94 Experimental Hill (Uses a larger core, to allow smarter warriors.) Warrior List Huge Array
ICWS '88 Tourney Hill (The original standard for ICWS tournaments.) Warrior List Huge Array
ICWS '94 Multiwarrior Hill (Melee hill where all the warriors compete at once.) Warrior List
ICWS '94 Multiwarrior X Hill (Multiwarrior Hill using Experimental settings.) Warrior List

- Hill Information -

All warrior submissions are to be mailed to koth@KOTH.org. As explained in the FAQ, a ;redcode line must be placed at the top of your warrior's code in order to specify which Hill the warrior will go to. The warrior's code must then be copy/pasted into the ordinary text of an email.

Standard 94 94 No Pspace 94 Experimental 94 Multiwarrior ICWS Tournament 94 Multiwarrior X
Accessed With ;redcode ;redcode-94 ;redcode-94nop ;redcode-94x ;redcode-94m ;redcode-icws ;redcode-94xm
Instruction Set -8 -8
Core Size -s 8000 -s 8000 -s 8000 -s 55440 -s 8000 -s 8192 -s 55440
Cycles To Completion -c 80000 -c 80000 -c 80000 -c 500000 -c 80000 -c 100000 -c 500000
Max Processes -p 8000 -p 8000 -p 8000 -p 10000 -p 8000 -p 8000 -p 10000
Max Warrior Length -l 100 -l 100 -l 100 -l 200 -l 100 -l 300 -l 200
Min Distance -d 100 -d 100 -d 100 -d 200 -d 100 -d 300 -d 200

Use pMARS ;assert options to ensure your warrior compiles correctly.

Add these 3 lines to your warrior to assert '94x rules, and demand pspace:

;assert (CORESIZE==55440) && (MAXPROCESSES==10000)
;assert (MAXCYCLES==500000) && (MAXLENGTH==200)
;assert (MINDISTANCE==200) && (PSPACESIZE==55440/16)

Whoops! Don't assert the number of rounds, or when Koth precompiles your warrior to see if it works, the rounds will fail... So don't use anything like the following, although it should be legal:

;assert (ROUNDS > 5)

Add these 3 lines to your warrior to assert '88 rules:

;assert (CORESIZE==8000) && (MAXPROCESSES==8000)
;assert (MAXCYCLES==80000) && (MAXLENGTH==100)
;assert (MINDISTANCE==100)

The following are the commands that the server accepts:

;help - This list of commands

;status - Current status of all hills

(optionally add ;redcode lines to pick just certain hills)

;statistics - Current statistics of the server

;redcode - '88 Standard Hill

;redcode-94 - '94 Draft Hill

;redcode-94x - '94 Draft - Experimental

;redcode-94nop - '94 Draft - No Pspace Allowed

;redcode-94m - '94 Draft - Multiwarrior Hill

;redcode-icws - '88 Standard - ICWS Tournament settings

;redcode-94xm - '94 Draft - Multiwarrior Experimental

You can also add quiet or verbose to the end of a ;redcode-xxxx line to receive much less or much more email from koth.org, respectively. Example: ;redcode-nop quiet

;test - Used with a ;redcode command, it attempts to compile but not submit your warrior to the hill

;kill - Kill a warrior on a hill. Must be used with ;password

;password - Identifying password for this warrior

;newpasswd - Assign a new password for a warrior. (Must include original ;redcode, ;name and ;password lines)

;newredcode - Assign a new ;redcode line for a warrior. (Must include the new ;redcode line, ;name and ;password lines)

;url - Pointer to author web URL

;version - Display all versions of all hill modules.