- Corewars Links -

Christoph C. Birk's Corewar Page - Contains the Koenigstuhl infinite hills
KOTH@SAL - The home of the beginner, tiny, nano and lp hills
The pMARS Home Page - Download the software to play
the war of the programmers - John Metcalf's page - tutorials, history and statistics
The Corewar Info Page - Fizmo's site, hosting Optimax and the Corewar Lexicon
Corewar, programming with style - S. Fernandes's Corewar page
Neo's World of Corewar - Germán Labarga's Corewar page
Ilmari Karonen's Corewar page - Home to The beginners' guide to Redcode
Planar's Corewar Page (local mirror) - HUGE list of warriors to play against
KOTH's FTP archive - The Berkeley archives have all been moved here
corewars 8086 - A Core Wars style game in Intel's 8086 assembly
Freenode #corewars - Unofficial CoreWars channel on Freenode

Of Historic Interest:

Archive of The CSU Chico Pizza Hill home - Hosted some other Corewars Hills
Polish Hill - Lukasz Adamowski's Euro Hill
Nandor Sieben's Corewar Page - Has the Corewar Hall of Fame
Phil Knight's Corewar Page - Corewars info, compiled version of pmarsv.exe
Scott Manley's Corewar Page - Contains warriors he created