[20:30:39]slack1 : <@UBRM64Z7G> Anyone on the LISTPROC, but 90% of those bounced. And I posted it to r.g.c (See <#CBQLX8J6S|rec_games_corewar> )
[22:05:59]digital.wilderness : The post to r.g.c doesn't appear to have reached Google Groups.
[22:07:19]digital.wilderness : What are you planning? To update what's already there or a major overhaul?
[1:10:17]slack1 : I know stuff gets out, I've been testing with test groups. It shoulda got there in 1/2 hr or so, weird.
[1:10:52]slack1 : I'm not really "planning" much except moving and getting everything back to working by either fixing or replacing.
[10:31:48]digital.wilderness : Is it okay to email replacement HTML pages to fix broken links, update any info and add links to new websites? E.g.
[13:23:58]slack1 : Sure
[22:25:40]digital.wilderness : I've sent a few updates to start off with. Fixed links and links to new stuff :slightly_smiling_face:
[23:54:35]slack1 : Sounds good, thanks
[13:44:52]slack1 : Where'd you send them? I don't see
[17:16:13]digital.wilderness : A zip file to your gmail. Is there a better place? Can I attach a file here?
[17:22:55]digital.wilderness : <@UBRM64Z7G> uploaded a file: and commented: info.html - added links to 6 tournaments links.html - add Inversed and Grabun's websites. fixed links to Adamowski and Karonen's pages. newsgroup.html - add a link to the r.g.c archive pmars/index.html - add link to . fixed links to CoreWin, SDL pMARS, Hillis and Vowk's websites
[17:23:08]digital.wilderness : Figured it :slightly_smiling_face:
[22:21:49]slack1 : Didn't get it on the gmail
[22:22:03]slack1 : Will get this on tomorrow.
[11:50:17]digital.wilderness : I was wondering whether it's worth replacing the Computer Recreations scans with a higher resolution, colour scan.
[11:50:38]digital.wilderness : I have the magazines here.
[12:04:29]roy.van.rijn : Probably worth more to OCR them, make the search-/findable?
[12:05:52]digital.wilderness : As a PDF?
[12:06:00]roy.van.rijn : As… website?
[12:07:27]digital.wilderness : There's the HTML version that L Vogtmann did in 2001
[12:09:51]digital.wilderness : Plus another HTML version I've done (which includes some extra snippets of Core War news from other issues)
[12:20:24]slack1 : Not sure they'd OCR well.
[12:24:48]slack1 : <@UBRM64Z7G> - Updates made
[12:26:38]digital.wilderness : Excellent, thanks
[12:33:32]digital.wilderness : The FAQ wiki linked from KOTH's FAQ page has vanished. I'll ask Anton if I can update his HTML FAQ.
[14:22:38]slack1 : Does anyone know if is updated anymore? I copy the site weekly and if it still changes I will, but otherwise I'd like to stop the copy.
[14:46:11]digital.wilderness : No, it no longer updates. Stopped updating over 15 years ago.
[14:52:19]slack1 : Alrighty then. :slightly_smiling_face:
[14:57:11]slack1 : Any other sites I should copy too?
[14:58:42]slack1 : Also trying to work out why my r.g.c doesn't make it to Google. I try on `alt.test` and 30 seconds later its there in the web UI
[14:59:11]slack1 : Time to use my old friend TCPDUMP.
[15:04:00]digital.wilderness : Christoph C Birk's website with Koenigstuhl would be a big loss if it disappeared. It's worth asking Christoph if it's okay to mirror it.
[15:25:07]slack1 : Ok, emailed him
[15:34:23]slack1 : He's fine with it, but wondering why you're worried it'd disappear. :slightly_smiling_face:
[15:44:15]digital.wilderness : I'm not worried :slightly_smiling_face: But it wouldn't hurt to have a mirror just in case.
[15:44:57]digital.wilderness : To many Core War (and other programming game) websites have vanished without trace.
[16:01:01]slack1 : No worries. I had to switch mirroring software, apparently in 1997 there was no https in the world... So trying a 2017 program. :wink:
[17:16:29]slack1 : How big is the bloody site? I's been running since 15:59 UTC
[17:22:24]slack1 : Just finished. Geez, for 24M it sure took a while!
[17:25:42]digital.wilderness : Hmmm... just checked mine out of curiosity! Weighs in at 223Mb :slightly_smiling_face:
[17:29:11]slack1 : Weird. I'm telling it to re-sync. I think this "EFS/Elastic File System" as an NFS mount is a little wonky.
[17:37:44]digital.wilderness : Sorry, I meant , not a grab of Koenigstuhl.
[17:37:52]slack1 : Oh. WHEW. Ok
[17:38:17]slack1 : FYI - In the middle of moving between registrars.
[17:52:44]slack1 : Domain moved, DNS servers moved. Went a HECK of a lot smoother than I expected.... An old email address for a domain I sold was still in there, but they changed it w/o much issue. :wink:
[17:56:00]digital.wilderness : Excellent. I've had a couple of moves in the past which turned out to be a pain.
[18:01:25]slack1 : Yea, I forget what domain, but I was back and forth with Godaddy for 2 weeks for the same reason.
[18:01:41]slack1 : I need to know where you want to hang Koenigstuhl off?
[18:02:28]slack1 : The path to it will be `` (Yes, includes the domain name in the path.... I probably could tweak it, but I'm trying to get this done by EOM)
[18:03:03]slack1 : So it'll look like ``
[18:03:11]slack1 : Not sure where in the site you want to link it.
[18:09:55]digital.wilderness : Probably on , just (local mirror) with a link added next to the direct Koenigstuhl link.
[18:26:02]slack1 : It'll be broken for now, not copying things around multiple places...
[18:27:20]slack1 : Also don't like putting strain on current KOTH server. I'm feeling like its a race between it failing and my moving it.
[18:27:55]slack1 : 2 of the 3 internal fans in the box failed, he just put a house fan in front of it.
[18:49:13]slack1 : As for the <#CBQLX8J6S|rec_games_corewar> , I'll pare those down in time. This is just to start.
[21:27:06]slack1 : <@UBRUUP31A> ... We're in here.