[18:46:43]slack1 : <@UBVDRK5HQ> - We're mostly in here though.
[18:48:04]slack1 : So to get you up to speed... has to move. Its been on a Centos 5 system and the old hosting people threw in the towel, and the new ones aren't so helpful and the hardware is about to fail.... So moving it to AWS
[18:49:37]vowkalg : OK.
[18:49:54]slack1 : All persistent data will be on a shared filesystem, and the system can be destroyed and re-created whenever we want. :slightly_smiling_face: But since we're going from an OLD OLD OS to a brandy new one, and I've had to change some stuff around (Hence ditching IRC for Slack) there could be gotchas (Filesystem name changed, perl is in a different location, I had to load a newer copy of csh, etc)
[18:50:12]vowkalg : That's a fair bit of work to adjust all those old scripts :confused:
[18:50:16]slack1 : So if something breaks, this will be the best to get me
[18:50:33]slack1 : Well, luckily, `sed` has been my friend. :slightly_smiling_face:
[18:50:55]vowkalg : Perl is surprisingly good about not breaking things with updates.
[18:51:58]slack1 : Yea. But I'm most worried actually about pmars. It wouldn't compile on the new system with some changes, and I'm hoping that just because the compiler is so much newer it doesn't change things.
[18:52:25]slack1 : Plus there is a "pmarsnopspace" and I have no idea how it was created!
[18:53:34]vowkalg : interesting.
[18:54:41]vowkalg : I haven't had many issues with pmars changing results when I compiled it on a different platform, but I could donate some cycles to running a test suite if you need help.
[18:55:37]slack1 : That would help, yea. I could set up a testbox for you. Put the pmars on there...
[18:56:44]vowkalg : OK. Let me know what I can do to help :slightly_smiling_face:
[18:57:50]slack1 : Will do... I should know more later tonite (I just ran into it Friday) but I see a comment about it from `irc-logs/2006-11-29.txt`
[18:58:46]vowkalg : Joonas might also be helpful to talk to, he did the integration for sal with pmars and friends, he might have some patches for modern compilers.
[19:00:08]slack1 : Can you DM me how to get a hold of him?
[19:01:17]slack1 : Yea, I just real that irc log, just says I need to do stuff to stop pspace, but not what... Guess things haven't changed in 12 years. :wink:
[19:01:51]slack1 : Wow, that was fast.
[19:01:55]slack1 : `config.h:#define PSPACE /*Comment for NOPSPACE*/ `
[19:01:59]slack1 : Think thats it? :wink:
[20:12:12]vowkalg : I think so :slightly_smiling_face:
[20:12:28]slack1 : Ok
[20:14:26]slack1 : I think so too. :slightly_smiling_face:
[21:57:40]digital.wilderness : Hmmm... I've pulled out issues of Scientific American to rescan. The scans on KOTH show the first article on pages 14-22 (with pages between used for ads). In my copy the article in on pages 15-19.
[22:45:17]slack1 : Weird science. Reprint?
[22:45:44]digital.wilderness : <@UBRM64Z7G> uploaded a file: and commented: Rescans of the Scientific American articles in colour at 200dpi to replace the 100dpi b&w scans at if required.
[22:46:06]digital.wilderness : No idea. My copy is the original USA edition. In fact it was new when I bought it, still sealed in the original mailer!
[22:47:00]slack1 : That is weird. Dunno
[22:47:07]digital.wilderness : I have UK and USA editions for the final two articles. I'll compare those later.
[22:47:31]slack1 : Different paper size?
[22:48:44]digital.wilderness : Paper size is the same. The article is still the same number of pages so I assume there are full page ads between.
[22:49:57]digital.wilderness : New scans just uploaded here. The files are a bit bigger than the original scans from 1998 (average 1.3Mb per jpg) but they're now in colour at 200dpi.
[22:58:39]slack1 : Np, great....tnx
[23:28:27]slack1 : One for one drop in?
[23:29:20]digital.wilderness : Should be. I should've used the same file names.
[23:29:34]slack1 : Kewl. Uploading now.
[23:31:38]slack1 : Replaced
[23:32:05]slack1 : They do look beautiful. Thanks!
[23:33:06]digital.wilderness : No problem. It's something I've been meaning to do for ages.
[23:34:36]slack1 : I'm really running behind on the move, so much going on right now... But I'm planning for 0 down time.
[23:36:23]slack1 : I'm away from 3rd to 13th in Vegas (Oh don't "poor you" me) for 3 conferences, datacenter work, and some other stuff. If I'm not dead by the end it'll be a miracle. :wink:
[23:37:07]slack1 : Might be harder to get me then.... I won't have laptop or my normal phone. I might be able to put just this on my special phone if there are issues...
[23:38:23]digital.wilderness : I'm sure if there are any issues players will understand the delay.
[23:47:58]slack1 : Tnx