[15:56:04]slack1 : I'll probably change the site over during the weekend to give a few days for it to stabilize. News/Listproc still needs work, but I can't prioritize it now, ftp is glitchy (Any votes to just shut it down completely too, move to http only, why was it even FTP in the first place) but everything else should be good to go. I leave on the 3rd for the trip, but will have machines/etc with me.
[16:01:13]digital.wilderness : Can I send across a few minor updates to the HTML pages tonight?
[16:01:43]slack1 : Sure
[16:02:16]digital.wilderness : I don't see any problem moving the archive to HTTP. I assume everyone accesses it with a web browser these days.
[16:02:57]slack1 : Yea. Kinda figured