[12:51:18]slack1 : and hills moved
[12:51:23]slack1 : Working on listproc
[12:51:37]slack1 : Please feel free to test, Test, TEST!!!!
[12:59:47]digital.wilderness : Address not found Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.
[13:00:36]slack1 : Yea, I changed the username when I moved and forgot to update mappings. :slightly_smiling_face: Try again pls.
[13:07:42]digital.wilderness : I'm not sure why, but any warrior I send with labels gives a "Bad warrior compile" error. E.g.: ;redcode-94nop ;name test1 ;author John Metcalf imp mov imp,imp+1 end
[13:08:00]digital.wilderness : If I change it to mov 0,1 it compiles fine.
[13:08:54]slack1 : I'm using the pmars-0.9.2, I had to recompile so figured I'd recompile the latest.
[13:09:42]slack1 : ```ip-172-31-131-251:~/bin $ ./pmars pMARS v0.9.2, 25/12/00, corewar simulator with ICWS'94 extensions Copyright (C) 1993-95 Albert Ma, Na'ndor Sieben, Stefan Strack and Mintardjo Wangsaw SERVER version without debugger Usage: pmars [options] file1 [files ..] The special file - stands for standard input Options: -r # Rounds to play [1] -e (disabled in SERVER version) -s # Size of core [8000] -b Brief mode (no source listings) -c # Cycles until tie [80000] -V Verbose assembly -p # Max. processes [8000] -k Output in KotH format -l # Max. warrior length [100] -8 Enforce ICWS'88 rules -d # Min. warriors distance -f Fixed position series -F # Fixed position of warrior #2 -o Sort result output by score -S # Size of P-space [1/16th core] -P Permutate starting positions -= $ Score formula $ [(W*W-1)/S] -@ $ Read options from file $ No warrior file specified```
[13:10:56]slack1 : ```ip-172-31-131-251:~/bin $ pmars i Warning: Missing ';assert'. Warrior may not work with the current setting Number of warnings: 1 Program "test1" (length 1) by "John Metcalf" ORG START START MOV.I $ 0, $ 1 test1 by John Metcalf scores 0```
[13:13:53]digital.wilderness : It's only accepting warriors by email if they have no labels though.
[13:14:29]digital.wilderness : It's taken two. They're both in the queue. First has been there for 8 minutes.
[13:16:43]slack1 : One thing at a time please.
[13:17:12]slack1 : Any idea if command line or behaviour changed between .0.8.? and .0.9?
[13:17:57]digital.wilderness : Not that I'm aware of.
[13:20:56]slack1 : Can you try a non-nop warrior?
[13:21:58]slack1 : ```[root@ip-172-31-131-251 scripts]# ~kothorg/bin/pmarsnopspace -r 0 /tmp/warrior.24233 Error in line 17: 'i mov.i #2667,*0' Improper placement of 'mov' Warning: Missing ';assert'. Warrior may not work with the current setting Number of errors: 1 Number of warnings: 1```
[13:22:36]digital.wilderness : Sent a ;redcode-94 warrior with a label and it's been accepted.
[13:23:02]slack1 : So really its only no-pspace thats an issue?
[13:23:29]digital.wilderness : It seems so.
[13:24:21]slack1 : The only difference between pmars and pmars nospace is
[13:24:23]slack1 : ```/* delete the next two lines if you don't want LDP, STP, PIN */ #undef PSPACE #undef SHARED_PSPACE #endif ```
[13:24:35]slack1 : They're `defined` in pmars
[13:26:27]slack1 : I really don't know where to go on this. Its pmars....
[13:28:26]slack1 : On the old version, it had -
[13:28:36]slack1 : ```/* delete the next two lines if you don't want LDP, STP, PIN */ #define PSPACE /*Comment for NOPSPACE*/ #define SHARED_PSPACE #endif```
[13:28:52]slack1 : Maybe I only need to comment that 1 line, not both?
[13:29:37]slack1 : Yea, if I just comment the "PSPACE" it works
[13:30:31]digital.wilderness : That's odd. Wouldn't have expected SHARED_PSPACE to affect labels.
[13:30:55]slack1 : Put the new version in. try again if you would please.
[13:32:42]digital.wilderness : Sorry, sent the wrong code (with no labels). Resending...
[13:32:56]digital.wilderness : Version with labels compiled fine :slightly_smiling_face:
[13:34:13]slack1 : Ok, one down. Next problem?
[13:37:12]digital.wilderness : Warriors being queued, but not actually doing battle
[13:37:22]slack1 : Ok, on it.
[13:39:17]slack1 : koth fighter was down. Started it. I do see some errors in the log, rechecking
[13:41:33]slack1 : Looks like its running battles... Do the results look ok?
[13:42:54]digital.wilderness : Yes, score looks about what I expected. Format of email looks the same as before.
[13:43:25]slack1 : Thats encouraging!
[13:44:02]digital.wilderness : I have found any broken bits while browsing the website. Even the ftp archive seems to be up. I assume you haven't had chance to upload the mirror of Christoph's site yet?
[13:44:40]slack1 : Oh, hold on a sec.... I have it, just need to copy it over.
[13:46:48]slack1 : The URL will also change...
[13:47:24]slack1 : Gotta wait for the copy to finish and ownership change before it'll work
[13:49:02]slack1 : Ok, should work now
[13:51:44]slack1 : Meh, the copy script got lost, forgot to back it up. Fixing... But in the mean time, more issues?
[13:51:57]digital.wilderness : I don't seem to be able to access anything I shouldn't. :slightly_smiling_face:
[13:53:14]slack1 : Well, not yet at least. :wink:
[13:53:27]digital.wilderness : I can't see any issues, apart from some of the HTML pages which need updating due to links that have been broken for a while. E.g. on this page:
[13:54:09]slack1 : Well, at least I carried brokenness over intact. :slightly_smiling_face:
[13:54:28]slack1 : But yea, I'm up for updating things at any time...
[13:54:37]digital.wilderness : I'll get to work on those as soon as I get chance.
[13:55:51]slack1 : Great, much appreciated.