[7:43:04]digital.wilderness : <@UBPRDB1U6> Bug report home page automatically redirects to the mirror of Christoph's site.
[12:35:52]slack1 : Oh, wow, thats weirf
[12:40:46]slack1 : Fixed
[12:40:50]digital.wilderness : Thanks
[12:41:19]slack1 : It seems the new site mirror I'm using for Christoph's inserts its own index.html when its done!
[12:44:03]slack1 : Ok, next time shouldn't happen.
[12:44:15]slack1 : (But making a copy of the index JUST....IN....CASE)
[19:01:03]slack1 : Reminder - If you want anyone to join - - 10 days left.
[19:01:24]slack1 : Then it becomes annoying to invite people. :slightly_smiling_face:
[19:03:55]digital.wilderness : What happens after 10 days?
[19:04:16]slack1 : Then we have to manually invite people each time.
[19:18:37]digital.wilderness : Okay, I've shared the invite to the Core War pages on Google+, Facebook and Twitter :slightly_smiling_face:
[19:18:59]slack1 : Well, thats a goodly amount of places. :slightly_smiling_face:
[21:32:25]john.kipling.lewis : I saw this on Google+, I don't FB.
[21:34:17]john.kipling.lewis : You should also post on rec.games.corewars
[21:35:20]slack1 : Was.
[21:36:04]slack1 : Working on list/news integration again. Found new provider
[21:36:10]digital.wilderness : It should be on r.g.c. There's also a corewar subreddit but I didn't post there.
[21:43:00]john.kipling.lewis : Who is KOTH Master?
[21:43:06]slack1 : Tuc
[21:43:25]john.kipling.lewis : Hey Tuc!
[21:43:33]slack1 : Hi hi
[21:44:13]slack1 : Probably should be master
[21:45:31]slack1 : Far from a Koth Master
[21:50:46]digital.wilderness : I'm scoring quite well at the moment. A potential Koth Master! :stuck_out_tongue:
[22:03:06]slack1 : <@UBZCDSVKN> since spending time moving KOTH I'm open to any additional information or fixes
[22:03:46]slack1 : Maybe even features
[22:06:29]john.kipling.lewis : A search function for every warrior ever recorded?
[22:10:24]digital.wilderness : Do you mean to search for past results for a warrior?
[22:31:32]slack1 : Is slow for anyone right now?
[22:37:36]digital.wilderness : Seems fine here.
[22:38:52]digital.wilderness : By the way, have you got any KOTH backups it might be possible to extract old warriors from (if the warrior author gives permission)?
[22:40:42]slack1 : I've got 2 94nop backups, one from Mar 2005 and one from Jul 2006, but thats about it. :confused:
[22:41:12]slack1 : Oh, wait... 94 from Oct 2002 and another 94 from Nov 2010
[22:41:47]slack1 : Oh, actually, every hill from Oct 2002
[22:42:29]slack1 : ```[root@ip-172-31-131-251 kothorg]# ls -ld h* drwxr-xr-x 2 kothorg kothorg 6144 Jul 17 07:02 hill drwxr-xr-x 4 kothorg kothorg 6144 Jul 30 08:19 hill94 drwxr-xr-x 2 kothorg kothorg 6144 Oct 19 2002 hill94-2 drwxr-xr-x 4 kothorg kothorg 6144 Nov 28 2010 hill94-3 drwxr-xr-x 2 kothorg kothorg 6144 Jul 12 20:27 hill94m drwxr-xr-x 4 kothorg kothorg 6144 Jul 30 22:31 hill94nop drwxr-xr-x 2 kothorg kothorg 6144 Mar 25 2005 hill94nop.03252005 drwxr-xr-x 2 kothorg kothorg 6144 Jul 14 2006 hill94nop.06142006 drwxr-xr-x 2 kothorg kothorg 6144 Mar 17 2017 hill94x drwxr-xr-x 2 kothorg kothorg 6144 Mar 4 2017 hill94xm drwxr-xr-x 3 kothorg kothorg 6144 Aug 24 2016 hillicws -rw-r--r-- 1 kothorg kothorg 25233 Jul 9 2006 hill.tar.gz drwxr-xr-x 2 kothorg kothorg 6144 Mar 17 1999 hillx drwxr-xr-x 2 kothorg kothorg 6144 Feb 13 2005 hillx2```
[22:42:41]slack1 : And a backup directory with every hill in Oct 2002
[22:46:41]slack1 : Once things settle down, I can grab the ;name/;address tags with the dates if you're all interested
[22:49:11]digital.wilderness : I'd definitely be interested. At a quick glace it looks like there should be a few there like Positive Knife by Ken Espiritu and Her Majesty by Paul Kline. Unfortunately I don't know how to get hold of Ken now, but I can ask Paul for permission for Her Majesty. (I've asked before but he's lost the code)
[22:50:12]slack1 : Oct 2002 hill 94 (EG)
[22:50:15]slack1 : ```fighter10.rc:;Address fighter10.rc:;name Wallpaper fighter11.rc:;Address fighter11.rc:;name The Stormkeeper fighter12.rc:;Address fighter12.rc:;name Glenstorm fighter13.rc:;Address fighter13.rc:;name Alternative Action fighter14.rc:;Address fighter14.rc:;name Versatile fighter15.rc:;Address fighter15.rc:;name Pink Detonations fighter17.rc:;Address fighter17.rc:;name Positive Knife fighter18.rc:;Address fighter18.rc:;name Velvet Glove fighter1.rc:;Address fighter1.rc:;name Reepicheep fighter20.rc:;Address fighter20.rc:;name Ctrl-Alt-Action fighter2.rc:;Address fighter2.rc:;name Claw fighter3.rc:;Address fighter3.rc:;name Revenge of the Papers fighter4.rc:;Address fighter4.rc:;name Hazy Lazy ... reborn fighter5.rc:;Address fighter5.rc:;name Willow fighter6.rc:;Address fighter6.rc:;name Firestorm fighter8.rc:;Address fighter8.rc:;name Blade fighter9.rc:;Address fighter9.rc:;name SilKing```
[22:51:50]slack1 : This one ?
[22:51:52]slack1 : ```;Address PK6811S@ACAD.DRAKE.EDU ;redcode-94m quiet ;name Her Majesty ;kill Her Majesty ;password daledale ;author P.Kline ;assert CORESIZE == 8000 ;strategy teamwork```
[22:55:49]digital.wilderness : Yes, that's the one :slightly_smiling_face: Oldest warrior ever on the 94m hill.
[22:56:02]slack1 : Yea, I got it
[22:58:25]slack1 : I've got a ~600K file of the name of every warrior that compiled properly, probably going back to when I re-wrote the hill in perl.
[22:59:30]slack1 : ```;name Chimney-Sweeper 0.11 ;name Pommes-Ketchup V1.11 ;name Plastic Hexagons ;name Chimney-Sweeper 1.02 ;name Pommes-Ketchup V1.21 ;name Diarrhoea 2.02 ;name Diarrhoea 2.10 ;name Diarrhoea 2.11 ;name Stepping Stone 94x ;name Pong ;name Pong ;name Pommes-Ketchup V1.31 ;name Pommes-Ketchup V1.32 ;name Pong ;name Very Large Array of Imp ;name Super Evol Cap ;name PacMan ;name Dunno-1@4 ;name Evol Cap X ;name Evol Cap X ;name PacMan ;name Pommes-Ketchup V1.33 ;name Tican X ;name S.E.T.I. X ;name S.E.T.I. 4-X ;name Evol Cap 4 X ;name Pommes-Ketchup V1.34```
[22:59:34]slack1 : First ones on the list
[23:00:48]digital.wilderness : I recognise some of those names. A few by JKW there.
[23:11:39]john.kipling.lewis : Paul was pretty open about his code.
[23:12:27]digital.wilderness : Yes, lots of interesting published code. A lot posted while it was still active on the hill.
[23:14:34]digital.wilderness : <@UBZCDSVKN> by the way, did I ever ask if you have an Core War stuff from back in the day? Especially the 80s :slightly_smiling_face:
[23:20:24]john.kipling.lewis : I have a hand written piece of code called OGRE for the first CoreWars tournament. I didn't have a core, so I simulated it with graphpaper...
[23:22:35]digital.wilderness : Ogre was one of the first warriors I looked at when I started Core War. It was bundled with the first MARS I used.
[23:23:28]john.kipling.lewis :
[23:23:39]john.kipling.lewis : That's mine.
[23:24:14]john.kipling.lewis : There's even an error in the code... :wink:
[23:28:03]digital.wilderness : Missing # on the ADD?
[23:29:03]john.kipling.lewis : :slightly_smiling_face:
[23:30:04]john.kipling.lewis : doligez offered to fix it before archiving it but I thought it better to leave it broken, a tribute to my youth. I think I was 16?
[23:36:28]john.kipling.lewis : I used to have a copy of that first Scientific American article. I used to read it over and over.
[23:37:02]digital.wilderness : Only a few of the warriors from the first tournament are available :disappointed:
[23:38:05]john.kipling.lewis : ???
[23:41:48]john.kipling.lewis : That looks like almost all of them...
[23:47:20]digital.wilderness : They're from the second / third tournaments. There are a few from the first tournament printed in TCWN issue 1 (not available in Planar's archive).
[23:47:31]digital.wilderness :