[0:05:48]john.kipling.lewis : Interesting....
[0:06:18]john.kipling.lewis : Unfortunately I didn't have a computer then.
[6:19:18]john.kipling.lewis : Is the number of cycles for set correctly. I can't find them listed but they seem to end too early for my core clears...
[6:37:48]digital.wilderness : It seems to run for 80000 cycles. I just ran this test code and it falls through the double loop and executes 10 imps before the round ends: djn 0,#7980 djn -1,#10 mov 0,1
[6:45:25]digital.wilderness : I've just asked about MAXCYCLES and the other predefined variables. They don't seem to be supported.
[7:22:01]digital.wilderness : <@UBPRDB1U6> Updates for a few files in the info directory. (mostly fixed links, some small corrections to details)
[9:48:42]john.kipling.lewis : I think what is happening is that my core clears are not triggering soon enough. Which is odd. Or not. I'm not sure.
[9:49:51]john.kipling.lewis : I've got a scanner that's definitely stunning, but the clear doesn't happen soon enough. I wish there was a number showing for the cycle in addition to the time left bar on .
[9:50:38]john.kipling.lewis : Also, it would be cool if the winner's banner stayed up until you clicked somewhere because sometimes I miss who won. It floats in and out too fast.
[9:50:51]john.kipling.lewis : Very cool site. I'm re-addicted, dammit.
[10:39:37]slack1 : <@UBRM64Z7G> - Updated
[11:28:55]digital.wilderness : Thanks. The only real issue now is the FAQ is incredibly out of date. I've recovered the FAQ wiki from but it needs a lot of work.
[11:33:08]john.kipling.lewis : Can you post it here or a link?
[11:36:55]digital.wilderness : This is a capture of the FAQ Wiki, last updated 2007. Some of this was pretty out of date even then. I've started to clean up the HTML, but it needs a complete overhaul. Lots of broken links / outdated information in this.
[11:37:46]digital.wilderness : You should be able to download it then view it in a browser.
[14:59:55]digital.wilderness : Yeah :disappointed: If you want to work together on it, we could choose sections to work on or find another wiki somewhere.
[15:25:00]john.kipling.lewis : It's just a HTML file, nothing fancy to deal with, but it's very REC.GAMES.COREWARS specific and a *lot* of URLs to check.
[15:25:38]john.kipling.lewis : Great info but as I started to edit it I realized it was A) old and B) overly specific to RGC.
[15:26:16]digital.wilderness : Some of those links have been broken since the 1990s!
[15:31:53]digital.wilderness : All the ids and classes in the HTML were created by the wiki. Anton's FAQ has cleaner HTML but is about 6 years older
[15:34:46]john.kipling.lewis : Should we just start over? I mean use those two for source, but why not just built it new, right?
[15:35:00]john.kipling.lewis : I think it would take less time and be less prone to error.
[17:01:57]digital.wilderness : How about replacing this page which links to various old versions of the FAQ with a new FAQ? (Using the other two for source).
[17:04:12]digital.wilderness : Should the glossary be kept in the FAQ or made a separate doc? It already takes up 1/4 of the FAQ and needs expanding.
[17:05:05]john.kipling.lewis : Glossary should be it's own thing... with cross references from FAQ ---> Glossary. Or call it "Jargon"
[17:05:39]john.kipling.lewis : Subhead: Terms we use in Core Wars.
[20:01:46]digital.wilderness : The FAQ Wiki is not based on Anton's FAQ. They're both based on an older version of the FAQ with different bits updated.
[20:02:08]digital.wilderness : I'm currently merging the changes and updating.