[14:53:36]john.kipling.lewis : So a paper, should fall to a scanner/core clear, tie with imps, and crush bombers?
[15:37:15]digital.wilderness : <@UBZCDSVKN> In theory yes :slightly_smiling_face:
[15:38:19]digital.wilderness : Those 4/5 process papers can score pretty well on the tiny hill when paired with a decoy maker or a tiny qscan.
[15:41:23]digital.wilderness : I've separated the glossary from the FAQ. I'm currently updating and adding new terms - airbag, blur, bomber, brainwash, decoy maker, dodger, f-scanner, handshaking, hsa, oneshot, P^2, P^3, Q^3, Q^4, satellite.
[18:37:03]john.kipling.lewis : OMG, so many jargon terms I had forgotten. spiral imps...
[19:02:40]slack1 : We're just DRAWING you back in <@UBZCDSVKN>
[19:19:09]digital.wilderness : There's a bit written about some of the strategies here - some pages are complete, others are still a work in progress.
[19:19:47]digital.wilderness : Has anyone experimented with VENUS, Tierra or any other artificial life sim inspired by Core War?
[20:03:49]john.kipling.lewis : I played something ... what was it called RoboOne? It was like extended redcode but in "bots" that could reproduce and move around on a 2-D plane. I think there were 10 people playing it? It was fun but never took off.
[20:04:01]john.kipling.lewis : <@UBPRDB1U6> It's working, dammit.
[20:56:04]digital.wilderness : RoboOne? Not sure I know that one...
[20:58:02]digital.wilderness : Your description sounds a bit like GridWars.
[21:02:35]digital.wilderness : If it's a game I haven't hear of then I'd love to see some details. I'm compiling a list of other programming games.
[21:39:29]john.kipling.lewis : I'll look for it.
[21:46:18]john.kipling.lewis : I can't find it on the programming wiki page. It was so long ago and I don't have any of the scripts. It was (to me) a kid making a game. He was probably early 20's and this was awhile ago... but I remember he kept adding new features and that killed it for me. Too hard to keep up. But it was fun to built new bots, move them around the board to find opponents. Different commands ran at different speeds. My best bot was an infector that would over right opposing bots and slowly take over the board, avoiding self attack with a "password" check in a registry for a secret number.