[1:21:10]slack1 : hears crickets. :-/
[12:28:33]john.kipling.lewis : you can hear them?
[15:21:29]slack1 : Just meant it got awfully quiet in here after being so active.
[17:35:13]john.kipling.lewis : Yep. Someone should, IDK, make a tournament. :wink:
[17:38:47]digital.wilderness : I'm away from home at the moment
[17:39:04]digital.wilderness : Back Monday :relaxed:
[17:46:47]vowkalg : hrm.
[17:47:29]vowkalg : I'm wondering if we'll need to extract Metcalf from a bad brexit situation in the future.
[18:00:17]john.kipling.lewis : Costa Rica is nice (insert any date) of year.
[18:21:43]digital.wilderness : Feel free to extract me and send me to Tom Ray's Costa Rican biodiversity reserve :blush:
[18:27:12]vowkalg : heh
[19:08:20]john.kipling.lewis : done