[1:39:53]slack1 : update4 put up.
[17:21:11]digital.wilderness : Thanks. If anyone has any comments about the FAQ I'd be interested to hear. I'm currently updating
[19:06:33]slack1 : While I *THOUGHT* I got the FTP working, and it DOES seem working from the command line, using a browser and FTP:// doesn't seem to work.... And, theres apparently always been a wrong link... " ( mirror)" Supposed to be pub/corewar
[19:11:20]digital.wilderness : Thanks, I'll fix that link in the FAQ. As far as I can tell the correct link is used everywhere else on .
[19:11:59]slack1 : I really didn't check. I was just scanning that page and it caught my eye.
[19:13:24]slack1 : Hold off on that fix, I might just move it all under . If we can't use FTP reliably, I'll change it to HTTP
[19:15:18]digital.wilderness : works in a browser for me and is the link which is used virtually everywhere.
[20:28:48]slack1 : Weird. Its not happy with my Chrome.
[20:29:08]slack1 : or Safari
[20:29:49]slack1 : Firefox seems happy
[20:35:14]digital.wilderness : It's working with Chrome here.
[23:09:36]slack1 : Weird