[15:16:55]slack1 : Doesn't seem like you're getting much enthusiasm at that :slightly_smiling_face:
[15:19:24]digital.wilderness : No, lol. Maybe I should ask the same question in r.g.cw. It has the same problem the regular multiwarrior hill had until the score formula was changed (20 years ago!)
[17:51:54]slack1 : Sounds good. Has there seriously been no messages on r.g.cw since mid July, or did my news break again?
[18:34:50]digital.wilderness : No messages. It's a bit quite these days :disappointed:
[18:39:57]slack1 : Oh. Ok. Sorry to hear.
[18:41:50]digital.wilderness : It kept everything in one place, which was nice and tidy. Now people just post their Core War stuff anywhere, random forums, social media, etc.