[6:23:30]roy.van.rijn : Not sure about the optimized Agg, what did you optimize?
[8:24:13]roy.van.rijn : I’ve got three versions of my new warrior, all working differently, one has a qscan, one scans at .8C, one bombs in the scanloop, scanning at .5C… and they all score about the same in my benchmark (not too good, but good enough) :disappointed: … now trying them against the entire Koenigstuhl to see which scores better :slightly_smiling_face:
[9:35:30]roy.van.rijn : :disappointed: version 1 didn’t make the hill….
[9:54:43]roy.van.rijn : Neither did v2, and looking at the score, v3 probably also DOA…
[9:54:49]roy.van.rijn : sobs
[17:34:04]slack1 : My condolences