[18:07:19]lieuwemo : afternoon all
[18:08:45]digital.wilderness : Hi Doxin, all :slightly_smiling_face:
[18:09:47]lieuwemo : what's up?
[18:23:08]digital.wilderness : I'm currently trying to get an Amiga Core War system (from 1990) running in an emulator so I can take some screenshots :slightly_smiling_face:
[18:38:00]lieuwemo : sounds tricky!
[18:42:10]lieuwemo : I'm still looking for a good way to parse stuff like `DAT foo+3, 0`
[18:42:17]lieuwemo : turns out parsing math is /hard/
[18:42:53]digital.wilderness : I hate parsing.
[18:50:01]lieuwemo : redcode itself isn't all that bad really
[18:50:05]lieuwemo : managed to fit it in a regex
[18:50:18]lieuwemo : I just loathe math expressions, it's too complex
[19:18:02]digital.wilderness : Isn't there a library to parse expressions
[20:41:07]lieuwemo : well sure, but nothing that does integer only and modulo coresize :stuck_out_tongue:
[20:41:17]lieuwemo : I've got it working now, though it's not quite as elegant as I'd like
[20:41:51]lieuwemo : but it manages `start: mov start, start+1 ;comments 'n stuff` -> `MOV.I $0, $0`
[20:42:23]lieuwemo : so time to find myself a zipfile of a lot of warriors to test it on :stuck_out_tongue:
[21:48:22]digital.wilderness : Good luck :slightly_smiling_face: