[15:01:42]slack1 : So I have all the KOTH status reports from 10/10/16 until 7/30/18 backlogged in the server that never made it out to news... Thoughts? Trash? Send all? Send only the first of the month ones?
[15:02:47]slack1 : (472 total messages)
[15:55:49]slack1 : I also just realized that I probably lost them all between 7/30/18 and now because of an email address missing. I'm running it now.
[16:04:12]digital.wilderness : Probably better not to flood the group with them and start afresh. Nothing is lost as I have a log of the hills here:
[16:11:34]slack1 : Ok... Please let me know if you get todays.
[16:11:40]slack1 : They should be going out now
[16:11:56]slack1 : Antons email looks to be closed, wonder what happened
[16:14:42]digital.wilderness : His paradise address is 20+ years old so might not work. He has a gmail address now.
[16:14:59]slack1 : Then he'd want it added to the list?
[16:15:26]digital.wilderness : Koth status arrived fine by email.
[19:48:17]slack1 : By jove, I think I got it!
[19:49:07]slack1 : Took a while to figure out the root cause (SO MUCH relearning... I even checked LI for the author and contemplated contacting him) and then once I got what was going on, took 2 tweaks and I think we're golden
[19:50:43]slack1 : Sorry I used old stats to test, but I won't be any more.