JKW's Beginner's Benchmark

Well, so you're sitting at the old 'puter like I was 3 years ago. Making warriors that hop around like frogs, bomb like crazy, or breed like rabbits, right? And you're wondering to yourself "Have I made the best Corewar program ever?"... or maybe you're wondering "Have I made ANYTHING that doesn't suck?"

Well, I've got the cure for what ails ya'! Or, at least a step in a new direction. This is a collection of reasonably well-balanced warriors. Now, granted, it may be tilted a little too far in the paper direction for more experienced players, but it seemed reasonable, since most newbies have more trouble killing papers.

And, what's MORE, it includes a nifty at-a-glance batch file and Qbasic file that I fixed up from stuff I stole from Steve Bailey.  Incidentally, the Qbasic file needs Qbasic.exe, which is a standard file from MS-DOS, and is on the Win95 CD under \other\oldmsdos.

  • Download the Wilkie benchmark in one ZIP file!
  • If you want it in pieces, download each of the following :

     Support files :

     process.bas , koth.bat , fight.bat .

    The papers :

     TimeScape (1.0), comments
    nobody special, comments
    Paperone, comments
    Marcia Trionfale 1.3, comments

    The stones :

     Blue Funk 3, comments
    Cannonade, comments
    Tornado, comments
    Fire Storm v1.1, comments

    The scissors :

     Rave, comments
    Iron Gate, comments
    Porch Swing, comments
    Thermite 1.0, comments

    Send questions or comments about the benchmark to: John